We’ve teamed up with MarginEdge to bring you a powerful tool to help you manage your restaurant more efficiently and earn more margin. With food costing, expense management, reporting, accounting, accounts payable and more wrapped up in one easy to use system.

  • Daily P&L’s

    We’ll hook into your POS , accounting system and labor providers to automatically sync and create a unified daily, weekly or monthly P&L that both ownership and accountants will love.

  • Automated invoice processing

    Your own personal AP department. Scan your bills or invoices and the system will automatically process them so you can choose who, what and how to pay in a snap.

  • Automatic Food Costing

    Food costs go up and down. Since we process all your invoices, we can give you true costs per plate on a daily basis automatically. No more moving targets here.

  • Theoretical Food costing

    Have an idea for a new menu item but not sure how to price it on your menu? Just enter the ingredients list and we will grab your most recent pricing from HFS and others to give you a theoretical food cost in minutes, not days.

  • Recipe Management

    All your recipes in one place and in a standardized format that even the newest employees can understand. Available only to the people you decide.

  • Inventory & Food Management

    With integration into the POS and recipe quantities, we can tell you where your inventories should be so it's no longer a guessing game as to what you should have in stock.

  • Multi Unit Tools

    Multiple units giving you multiple problems? Item Specs can be made centrally so every product name, unit, and code are consistent across each location. Set up your products once and they’ll flow through to all locations.

  • Your Data, Your Rules

    Setup roles and permissions for who sees what. No one has access to your data unless you allow it, not even Hillcrest.

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Do it all From One System

Powered by industry-leading technology from MarginEdge, Hillcrest IQ+ allows operators to seamlessly manage all aspects of their business from one central platform.

Daily P&L’s

True Food costing

Theoretical Food costing

Recipe Management

Automated invoice processing

Inventory & Food Management

Muli Unit Tools

No matter if you are a multi-unit operator or an independent, Hillcrest IQ+ automates tedious processes, connects systems, and radically streamlines key activities, like inventory, cost-tracking, ordering, and recipes.

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